I am a figurative painter whose work draws from early videogames, Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and Anime, as well as 15th century Tuscan and 18th century French painting.  

I am interested in anachronistic genres such as the pastoral and idyll - the idealized depictions of everyday life and the harmony of humanity and nature. Motifs such as dog walkers and bicyclists, vegetables and rainstorms, litter and recur in hollowed out and pre-digested landscapes. It is my hope that these scenes signal the sweet horror of an anthropomorphized nature, one that is familiar and othering, asinine and haunted.  I want my paintings to be a way of remaking the world that is pristine, ebullient and committed desperately, almost sinisterly, to itself.

I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2013 with a BFA in Visual and Critical Studies and am a current MFA candidate in Fine Arts at SVA.  

For all inquiries, please contact me at: wpatterson@sva.edu